Kingston University, Histories in the Making

The 140th anniversary of the Art School in Kingston in 2014/ 2015 was an historic moment. The university took the opportunity to collaborate with local residents and with museum and community partners to discover and celebrate this heritage. During a series of writing and interpretation workshops for volunteers and staff we created text for the exhibition, helping the participants to learn the skills and build the confidence to write text themselves.

The workshops walked the participants through all of the different issues to think about when creating engaging display and text for audiences. We encouraged and facilitated discussions, including practical sessions in all workshops. After the workshops, we edited text, giving the participants structured feedback based on what we’d covered in the workshops. Given the tight deadlines, we also filled in any gaps in copy for the exhibition.

A number of participants emailed us afterwards to thank us for the workshops, saying that, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, they were both inspiring and practical’ and ‘the workshop was very useful and I found your input particularly insightful’.