Qasr al Hosn Festival 2013 & 2014

Winner of the Middle East Events Award 2013 & 2014 for Best Arts & Cultural Event

Activity plan, interpretation plan, scriptwriting and content production, educational outreach, teachers’ packs

Abu Dhabi’s government was keen to maximise interest and pride in the Qasr al Hosn fort, its oldest and most important building. A festival was developed to appeal to local Emiratis and ex-pats. Seen as a gateway attraction for the city’s heritage, visitors were encouraged to visit linked attractions, such as the Fort itself, seminars, exhibitions and theatrical performances, with a suite of activities that demonstrated what was unique about the city’s culture and presented it in a fresh and exciting way.

The activity plan focused on offering new ways to show the city’s heritage, and by doing so, drawing the visitors across the site. Large-scale projections of historic footage acted as attractors and a number of QR trails drew visitors across the site.

Teaching packs including lesson plans across all key stages and core subjects (UK curriculum) were created, alongside curriculum based hands on workshops at the festival itself.

I worked on the project with WRG.

QAH image

Image courtesy of WRG.