Most of us can write competently, but there is a huge leap from this to writing well. With a few small shifts we can change the way we think and the way we write.

I create and run writing workshops for museums, helping staff at all levels to become more effective writers.

I run workshops on -
• writing engaging copy
• interpretation
• writing exhibition text
• writing marketing text
• writing in-house text
• writing learning resources
• writing front of house text
• writing web text and blogs

All workshops include some practical tasks, theory and discussion. They’re lively and fun as well as informative. I encourage people to bring some text they’re working on to the sessions so that they can use the time to edit and hone it.

I’m happy to run bespoke sessions that focus on a particular need you have. Are you trying to write text for a new exhibition at the moment? Writing a funding proposal? Trying to improve your learning offer? Looking to create a new tone of voice that better suits your museum in the future? We can create a training programme that’s built around these practical goals.